Rich River employs geologists, geological technicians and prospectors. We often use these professional personnel to complete other services, including claim locating, line cutting, geological, geo-technical and geophysical surveys etc.


We believe, that by having these highly experienced geological personnel on your ground.

Your chances of making even more new discoveries are tremendously improved  

We always keep our eyes open for anything of interest and promptly report any new findings to your project geologist.



"Prospecting is not our job, it's our passion!"   






One of the first steps in advancing a mineral deposit, is the security of tenure. Rich River's crews strictly adhere to the provisions set out in the The Yukon Quartz Mining Act and regulations governing the acquisitions of mineral lands in all provinces of Canada, and Nevada USA   


Rich River is registered and has the expertise to acquire claim cells under the British Columbia Mineral Titles On line (MTO) system 


Rich River provides complete and confidential services to all levels of the exploration Industry, Including :   


  • Claim and tenure information
  • Mineral title and ownership searches      
  • Property GPS Locations
  • Mapping and marking of B.C., MTO located tenures
  • Ground locating (GPS) of MTO claim boundaries 



Our crews have successfully acquired  thousands of mineral claim units for our corporate industry clients. 

Rich River crews have  located, staked and recorded bullet proof mineral claims in Nevada USA, British Columbia, Ontario, Yukon and North West Territories Canada.  


Our experience and expertise will give you peace of mind when you make a discovery.

Total confidentiality, organization and swift mobilization is assured when you trust us to work for you.  






The quality of any exploration program is largely based on the accuracy of the base line and/or mine grid. The field personnel that Rich River employees are fully experienced in the establishment of any type of grid, often in very rugged terrain.

From chain and compass grids to fully surveyed and slope corrected lines.

Rich River will do it right the first time. The implementation of the Forest Practice Code in British Columbia, has made us take an innovative approach to line cutting.   

Our crews endeavor to minimize the disturbance in forested areas and still maintain the quality and accuracy needed to complete any type of geological, geochemical or geophysical survey. 



Rich River Exploration Ltd. has an excellent safety record and we are registered with the British Columbia Worker's Compensation Board.   


We pride ourselves on providing safe, accurate, expedient grids in any terrain. 



                      Chip Sampling a mineralised outcrop                                     Sampling the portal of an old adit  



To be considered for employment, please send us your resume and cover letter by clicking on the following link...    


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